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River City Heating & Cooling is the source for heating / cooling /sheet metal ducts /spiral ducts /HVAC systems for Portlands commercial and industrial sector. When you work with River City as your ventilation provider, you not only get experienced contractors, you get the electricians, plumbers, refrigeration technicians and a source for all the parts and supplies needed. We feature heating and ac systems from Carrier, a leader in the HVAC industry.

With River City, you never get a "cookie-cutter" system, something that "works in your type of operation." Each project is developed from the ground up. We'll evaluate the scope of work to be performed and make recommendations as to the size and type of system that best meets those requirements.

Utilizing all the resources available from River City can save time and money by reducing the number of vendors you have to deal with. And when a replacement part is needed, you are purchasing it directly from the distributor, not a middle man, a distinct advantage over alternate sources.

Commercial HVAC: Skilled Technicians There When You Need Them
We then provide the correct equipment and the trained personnel to install it properly. And we stand behind our work. We'll be there when you need us in the future, whether for scheduled service and preventive maintenance; or in an emergency, we have skilled technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether it's gas or electric central heating, or "zone-controlled" air conditioning for office buildings, schools or hospitals, River City has the equipment, supplies, parts and people to install it right the first time, every time!

Installing Commercial Heating / Cooling Systems: Ensuring Quality From Beginning to End
We will be involved in the construction of new facilities before the first concrete is poured, ensuring that quality standards are maintained; from the "rough-in" of the electrical wiring, to laying down all the underground conduits, plumbing and piping that will be needed later. We then work with the General Contractor to determine the placement and timing of remaining components.

If a faulty part or piece of equipment needs replacing, our large inventory of parts and supplies reduces costly down-time waiting for a replacement to arrive, helping to keep the project on time and in budget.

Our number one objective in all cases is to make sure that the HVAC systems we install become seamless with the building… you don’t know that it’s there because it’s where its supposed to be.

Efficient Heating & Cooling: Taking All Variables Into Account
Under normal conditions. no one thinks much about their heating and cooling systems until they don’t work. Our goal is to provide efficiency and comfort as well as functionality.

You can make something work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it's going to work right. The wrong type or size of ventilation system can create a number of problems. At River City, we make sure that doesn't happen. We'll give you the system you need; nothing more, nothing less.

When we install a ventilation system, we take all possible variables into consideration. Some of the factors considered when determining the correct HVAC equipment include:

  • Total square footage of facility
  • Usage of space: offices, storage, manufacturing, etc.
  • Heat producing equipment to be used, such as forges or injection molding machinery
  • Size and location of outside walls in relation to the adjacent space; internal vs. external rooms
  • Zoning requirements - allows for more individual control in separate areas of the facility
  • Special temperature-controlled environments, i.e. computer rooms.
    "Wortman was one of the first in our industry to recognize the need for independent environmental systems for computer rooms, and provide the expertise, equipment and service needed."
    J. Wortman
  • Special environmental conditions, such as clean rooms for electronics manufacturing, or explosion-safe paint rooms
  • Humidification / de-humidifier requirements, like indoor swimming pools, school gymnasium or natatorium
  • Air purification / filtration needs for hospitals, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, bars, service clubs and anywhere clean air is essential to performance or wellbeing.  We offer both electronic and ultraviolet (UV) light purification systems. In these days of heightened world tension, many companies need to protect themselves from external threats such as airborne pathogens.

Our supplier Sanuvox, a leader in their industry, has developed UV light air purifiers that can effectively combat anthrax, mold spores and other airborne pathogens. Wortman can provide these, and other, systems to help combat possible biological contamination, and improve air quality.

River City Heating & Cooling is the "One -Stop Solution" for all your heating and cooling needs; equipment and supplies, installation, maintenance and repair. We can also conveniently and economically help with your other electrical, plumbing or refrigeration needs. Give us a call today!

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